The industry of education has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years thanks in large part to rapidly advancing technology and the growing need for quality education to become more accessible for people all over the globe. Here are six companies that are revolutionizing the field of education through innovative programs and immersive experiences:

TEACH FOR AMERICA: This organization is best known for its teaching corps program which dispatches educators to the children who need the guidance the most. The group’s core mission of making education accessible to all American children is best exemplified through its innovative programs and commitment to make an impact on the youth of the nation.

LORE: This digital learning company emphasizes the benefits of social learning and interaction as it brings online classes to the masses. By incorporating blogs, videos, interactive chats, and shared files into its curriculum, the service delivers a highly immersive experience for all of its users.

VOXY: Specializing in foreign language development, this company works to make learning a new language both fun and easy. The non-traditional delivery method incorporates mobile technology and apps to provide a curriculum that is both modern and traditional at the same time.

EDUCATION PIONEERS: Recognizing the need for quality leadership in the field of education, Education Pioneers focuses on attracting and training effective leaders to bring the field forward. Through a myriad of fellowship programs, the process works to propel educational leaders into areas where they can make the greatest impacts.

CHEGG: It is no secret that the cost of a quality education is spiraling out of reach for many Americans. By providing support to students grappling with the financial implications of a higher education, Chegg is an invaluable online resource for many college students. This hub provides online homework assistance as well as information about course organization skills, scholarship location tools, and more.

TNTP: TNTP recognizes that effective teachers are the key to quality education. As such, its mission emphasizes the value of cultivating systems that promote effective teaching through a variety of training tools. This organization is a premier resource for teachers looking to improve their trade, grow their resume, and make a big difference in the lives of many students.

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