When a child becomes ill, it can be incredibly scary for the parents to navigate their healthcare when looking for answers. In today’s turbulent society, access to adequate, affordable healthcare continues to grow as a concern for parents everywhere. For the nation’s most vulnerable population, lack of access of healthcare can contribute to future chronic health problems. Below are organizations that are working to help increase access to affordable healthcare for families and children around the nation.

Children’s Health Fund
The Children’s Health Fund is committed to helping children in underserved communities get access to the best healthcare possible. When a child lacks access to basic, affordable healthcare, it not only interferes with their life, but preventable illnesses can become an increasing problem overtime. To combat this, the Children’s Health Fund began operating 56 “blue buses,” or pediatric mobile homes that travel the country to provide pediatric healthcare. In doing so, the organization is bringing crucial medical care to children. The blue bus program contains 53 mobile homes and has had 4 million health encounters with Americans since its inception.

National Institute for Children’s Health Quality
The National Institute for Children’s Health Quality is another organization that focuses on providing children access to quality healthcare. Although NICHQ takes a different approach from organizations like the Children’s Health Fund, they are also focused on not only improving a child’s access to healthcare, but the quality of the healthcare they receive. The work of NICHQ has had a profound impact on different pediatric initiatives. For example, the organization has provided 11,000 children with sickle cell disease access to the necessary medical care  they need to control the disease.

Originally created by pediatricians, healthychildren.org is managed by American parents and is backed by nearly 66,000 pediatricians. HealthChildren.org is focused on helping children receive access to physical, mental and social health services. Additionally, the organization provides resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), as well as fighting to get American children access the healthcare they need to thrive. The website provides information for every stage of a child’s development, so a parent feels comfortable knowing that the information they receive is medically sound.

Children are one of the most vulnerable populations around the world, make it vital for others to act as their advocate. Whether to provide access to adequate healthcare or help a family find a specialist, parents and doctors alike should work to provide that to children. The Children’s Health Fund, National Institute for Children’s Health Quality, and HealthyChildren.org are all reputable organizations that actively work to not only improve access to healthcare, but bring new opportunities to children around the nation.