As we continue to move through the summer months, non-profit organizations around the nation are putting together fundraisers that take advantage of the weather. When brainstorming ideas for outdoor fundraising events, it is important for organizations to create an event that is appropriate for the weather. Here are some great ways to host a summer fundraiser that takes advantage of the optimal weather.

Host a Field Day
You can host a field day to help raise money for a particular cause. Activities at a field day can include sack races, three-legged races, water balloon tosses, and tug-of-war. In addition to a variety of activities, field days are a great event for the entire family. Adults and kids alike can participate in events like the water balloon toss, while other games can be dedicated to kids, like the tug-of-war. Additionally, there are ample opportunities to make more money during a field day, including relay races that require an small entrance fee for adults.

Hold a Bike Race or Run
Races have become a popular fundraising choice for non-profit organizations in recent years for a few reasons. To start, a race, whether a bike race or run, is an activity that many people enjoy doing. Based on the popularity of the activities on their own, it likely won’t be too difficult to attract a crowd for the event. Secondly, because it can be held in the warmer summer months, it can attract friends and family of race participants, bringing more awareness and potential for additional fundraising from the crowd.

Host a Summer Concert
Putting together and hosting a summer concert can be beneficial for a few reasons. An organization can put together their own music festival by partnering with local artists and vendors in an effort to promote the local community. If the organization wants to participate in a larger summer concert, they can partner with pre-planned festivals in their area. In this scenario, organizations can make an agreement that they receive a certain amount of the money that is raised during the concert in exchange for promotional efforts.

Hold a Car Wash
If you are looking for another family-friendly idea, holding a car wash is a great approach. In general, planning a car wash does not require the same extensive planning like some of the larger fundraisers on the list. Organizations will need to find a location that can handle multiple cars, as well as purchasing all of the supplies to wash the cars. This is another great option for an organization that wants to do a family-friendly event.