Fundraising is one of the most difficult aspects of any business or organization. While they may have incredible ideas that they would like to see implemented, they may not have the funds to do so. There are always some go to fundraising techniques, but what are some more creative techniques? A few of the tried and true methods are as follows:

  • Host A Silent Auction
  • Battle Of The Bands
  • Golf Tournament
  • Dress Down Days

Host A Silent Auction
This is a great fundraising event that can be paired with something like a community movie night. You can show the movie for free to get the crowds there and then set up a few tables with items donated from local businesses. Movie goers then get the chance to write their contact information and their bid on each item. At the end of the night, the highest bidders get to take home their prize.

Battle Of The Bands
This event serves two purposes. Not only do local musicians get tons of exposure, but you can raise tons of money for a good cause. Have the bands sign up and pay a small entry fee. The winning band then gets half of all the entry fees as their prize and the other half goes to the good cause. Another way to increase the number of donations is to have the audience vote using their dollars. Place labeled jars out on a table for each band and have people vote using one dollar for one vote.

Golf Tournament
This is a great way to add some competition between offices. If you work in a business park where your building has dozen of businesses, it will quickly become an annual rivalry to see who will take home the trophy. Have teas of four from each business sign up and sponsor a hole on the course for donations.

Dress Down Days
This is one of the most creative ideas for offices in which formal attire is required every day. Give employees the option to dress down in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt in exchange for a donation to a cause the office has rallied around. The office will jump at the opportunity to both come to work comfortable and support a good cause.