As our world has continued to grow and evolve, so have some of the biggest issues that we face around the world. From extreme poverty to growing concerns of climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on both new social problems, and problems that have been around for awhile, but have also had an increased effect on communities worldwide. With this concept in mind, what are some areas that philanthropists have been shifting more focus to in recent years?

Global Warming
Many people are not surprised to learn that a significant amount of focus has shifted towards global warming for several reasons. To begin, natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have only continued to grow in strength and frequency, oftentimes leaving vulnerable areas to devastating damage, and at times, loss of life. This has been a growing trend in recent years as well. Not only has the United States experienced a significant evolution of the danger of natural disasters, but the rest of the world has been directly impacted as well.

To help combat this, some of the world’s
leading philanthropists recently pledged to provide $450 million to help save forests, which in turn, can help slow down global warming. This is done by providing more protection to some of the world’s biggest forests from being demolished for human use.

Gender Gap in Technology
Most Americans are aware that some professions in today’s workforce continue to be dominated by males, leaving little room for women to make their way in. To help combat this, some philanthropists are working to not only shed more light on this, but to point out where women continue to be underrepresented.

A recent study found that only 5 percent of the philanthropic efforts by the technology industry focused on supporting more women in the field. Well-known philanthropist Melinda Gates recently announced her intention to dedicate more funding towards helping women enter and remain in the technology industry by providing resources they would not have otherwise. Gates has been advocating for more diversity in a variety of industries, and plans on providing more resources to help reduce the amount of hurdles that women face in the technology industry.

While both pledges are still in the early stages at this point, the financial support that will be provided can help improve both global warming and gender gaps in technology in the coming years. This can help reduce the strain that both issues can cause in the future.

About The Author
Yuri Vanetik is an Entrepreneur, Business Expert and Philanthropist in Orange County, California. He brings 25 years of professional experience in a wide variety of industries, including law, finance, real estate development, and politics. Throughout the years, Yuri Vanetik has provided ongoing support to a variety of organizations that support the three causes that are most important to him: education, public health, and community stability. Yuri Vanetik has held board positions for several non-profit organizations, including the Gen Next Foundation, Miracles For Kids, and American Red Cross.

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