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About Yuri Vanetik

Yuri Vanetik is committed to causes of many sorts, related to the arts, children’s health, pressing political issues, and his personal business endeavors. None of these enterprises, however, are as important nor as fulfilling as his passion for education, which cuts across many disciplines. In order to extend his ability to help others, Yuri started the Vanetik Foundation, to create positive change across multiple disciplines. Mr. Vanetik also seeks to effect constructive developments in America and around the world by supporting a number of organizations that promote education, health, community stability, global security, and free market initiatives.

Well known for its domestic disaster relief efforts, the American Red Cross also offers compassionate services in five other areas: community service that helps the needy; support and comfort for members of the military and their families; collection, processing and distribution of lifesaving blood and blood products; educational programs that promote health and safety; and international relief and development programs. The American Red Cross is truly global, and as a huge charitable institution accomplishes its mission with precision. When the need arises, the Red Cross knows how to get the job done, and quickly.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works globally to ensure that everyone, especially the neediest among us, have access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. The means to providing these resources include teaching new techniques to farmers in developing countries that help them prosper, offering new tools to prevent and treat deadly diseases, and developing new methods to help students, teachers, and schools.

The Center for Education Reform drives the creation of better educational opportunities for all children by advocating for school choice, advancing the charter school movement, and challenging the education establishment generally. Through its storehouse of data and unique insights into American communities, CER uses information to turn parents into activists, policymakers into advocates, and educators into reform leaders. CER embraces three core pillars to achieve its mission – Generating ideas and information that drive innovative strategic policy and lead to more diverse educational choices; Grow grassroots activism to reclaim quality and choice in education; Ensure issue accuracy by challenging convention and stimulating discussion.

The Center for Global Development is strictly a volunteer organization, and was created to make real differences in the everyday lives of people born into abject poverty. Its mission is to provide the means and resources necessary to minimize and eventually eliminate this injustice. Its goal is simply to satisfy the most fundamental human needs that we so often take for granted.

The Gen Next Foundation is on a mission to create opportunities and confront challenges facing future generations in the areas of global security, education, and economic opportunity. GNF draws on dynamic and far reaching ideas, organizations, persons, expertise, and other centers of influence to pursue the mission. In this new economy, GNF embraces new thinking on unresolved problems, untested solutions, private sector and entrepreneurial methodologies applied to generational challenges, and unique hybrids of for profit and non-profit business models.

Miracles for Kids is a non-profit organization based in Orange County, California, driven by the mission to improve the lives of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation was created in 1985. The organization’s activities are based on the belief that youth focused crime prevention programs are the key to developing safer communities. The foundation’s objective is to help young people foster their self-esteem and sense of purpose by helping them find value in themselves, feel a sense of direction, and define who they are. Sheriff’s Youth Foundation is a supporter of the Success Through Awareness & Resistance (STAR) and Youth Activity League (YAL) programs across the country.

Yuri Vanetik possesses a vision as far-reaching and diverse as his pursuit for knowledge when it comes to the many causes that he supports. He is a true philanthropist at heart.

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